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Megalodon Tooth AND a Lifetime Membership to NHSM

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A MEGALODON shark tooth is a must-have for any fossil collection. This killer upper jaw tooth is greater than 3 inches on the slant height. This MEG was collected in Calvert County, MD from the Choptank formation of the Miocene epoch and has classic Calvert County coloration. This apex predator was probably in excess of 30 feet long. Every shark tooth collector looks for these, and they all know these are hard to find. NHSM raffles support our activities, and the MEG tooth is a donation from Mark Bennett of WWW.MARKSFOSSILS.COM. Mark is a well-known local fossil collector, dealer and NHSM Fossil Club member. The MEG raffle will be open until June 25, at which time the winner will be chosen as part of the NHSM SHARKFEST activities/festivities happening at the NHSM Museum in Overlea on June 24 and 25. Tickets are $5 each and only 1000 tickets will be sold - the more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning this great tooth. The MEG is in a nice protective display case included in the prize. Good Luck !
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