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Upcoming events

    • 11 Oct 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Natural History Society of Maryland 6908 Belair Road

    What do dinosaurs and space exploration have in common? Interested in a whale of a dinosaur? Celebrate National Fossil day with us and find out! Join us for a fossil filled evening at the Natural History Society of Maryland. Come explore some of the fossils from our collections with some local experts and enjoy a wonderful presentation by Dr. Stephen J. Godfrey from the Calvert Marine Museum who will be talking about some very cool local dinosaur discoveries!

    Cost: $10 per person. You can either pay in cash at the event or prepay online.

    PARKING INFORMATION: Our parking lot has been renovated with a stormwater management system, with native landscaping. It's beautiful!, but we have fewer parking spots. Click here for information, directions, and maps to alternative over-flow parking. Once parked, come to the double glass doors at the top of the ramp and stairs.

    ** Who is Dr. Stephen J. Godfrey you may ask?

    Stephen J. Godfrey, the middle of five children, was born and raised in the Province of Quebec, Canada.  He has always been fascinated with nature and natural history museums.  As an early teen, he began to collect fossils, seashells, insects, pine cones, and skeletons for his own bedroom Natural History Museum!

    He received his B.Sc. in Biology from Bishop’s University (Quebec) and a Ph.D. in paleontology from McGill University (Quebec).  Following a two-year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Toronto (Ontario), he moved to Drumheller, Alberta, the “Dinosaur Capital of Canada,” where he became involved in paleontological exhibit work for museums around the world.

    Well-known museums or theme parks where his work is now on display include the Field Museum in Chicago, the Noorder Dierenpark in Emman the Netherlands, and at both Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure and Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.  He has also had numerous sculpting contracts with the University of Chicago (Paul Sereno) and National Geographic and has appeared in three of their TV specials on extinct dinosaurs from Africa.

    In 1998, Dr. Godfrey became the Curator of Paleontology at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, Maryland where his mandate is to collect, preserve, and interpret fossils from the famous Calvert Cliffs along the Chesapeake Bay.  Most of the fossils that he quarries from the cliffs are of extinct whales and dolphins.

    When not jumping on the trampoline with some of his children, Stephen loves to paint (with oils or water colors).

Past events

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22 Jul 2017 July 22 Lep Club Campout at Green Ridge State Forest
08 Jul 2017 Wild Edible Field Trip with Nick Spero
25 Jun 2017 Nature Connections: Life of the Chesapeake Bay
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24 Jun 2017 Moss Workshop
17 Jun 2017 NHSM Lep Club: Moths and Creatures of the Night
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16 Jun 2017 Central Chapter of the Archaeological Society of Maryland, Inc. June Meeting
11 Jun 2017 Nature Connections: Preparing Wild Edibles
27 May 2017 Moss Workshop
25 Mar 2017 Moss Workshop
22 Mar 2017 Botany for Beginners - with Vanessa Beauchamp - Six Sessions – $144.00 (USD)
27 Feb 2017 Maryland Mammals - with Kerry Wixted - Five Sessions
25 Feb 2017 Moss Workshop
28 Jan 2017 Moss Workshop
31 Dec 2016 Moss Workshop
26 Nov 2016 Moss Workshop
06 Nov 2016 Fossil Trip: Stratford Cliffs, with John Nance
29 Oct 2016 Moss Workshop
16 Oct 2016 Fossil Trip: Scientists Cliffs, with John Nance
13 Oct 2016 October 13 Mushroom Walk
04 Oct 2016 Maryland's Geology - with Martin Schmidt - Six Sessions
24 Sep 2016 Moss Workshop
21 Sep 2016 WILD PLANT WORKSHOP SERIES: demonstrations for using wild plants for a variety of techniques and applications
20 Sep 2016 volunteer night
27 Aug 2016 Moss Workshop
20 Aug 2016 Wild Edible Field Trip with Nick Spero
17 Aug 2016 Wild Edible Field Trip with Nick Spero
30 Jul 2016 Moss Workshop
17 Jul 2016 Wild Edible Field Trip with Nick Spero
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28 May 2016 Moss Workshop
21 May 2016 Spring Bird Walk - Cromwell Valley Park
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20 Mar 2016 A Celebration of Song with Wil Hershberger
27 Feb 2016 Moss Workshop
20 Feb 2016 William Hamilton Gibson: Naturalist, Artist, Author
17 Feb 2016 May the Quartz Be With You
30 Jan 2016 Moss Workshop
16 Jan 2016 History of Life Through Fossils
26 Dec 2015 Moss Workshop
28 Nov 2015 Moss Workshop
24 Oct 2015 Moss Workshop
17 Oct 2015 Basic Botanical Drawing with Mary Ellen Carsley
14 Oct 2015 History of Life Through Fossils
10 Oct 2015 Listening for Bats with Shannon Pederson
28 Sep 2015 What's this plant?
26 Sep 2015 Maryland Fish - In the River with Stan Kemp
26 Sep 2015 Moss Workshop
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06 Aug 2015 Songs of Insects with Wil Hershberger
27 Jul 2015 What's this plant?
25 Jul 2015 Moss Workshop
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The mission of the Natural History Society of Maryland is to foster stewardship of Maryland’s natural heritage by conserving its natural history collections, educating its citizenry, and inspiring its youth to pursue careers in the natural sciences.

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