Upcoming events

    • 25 Feb 2017
    • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Banneker Historical Park & Museum - Conference Room at 300 Oella Ave, Catonsville, MD

    If mosses intrigue you when you hike but you wonder exactly what you are seeing, this is your chance to figure it out in a fun environment. On the last Saturday of each month, we'll take a closer look at a moss or two and work together to identify them. We'll introduce you to the vocabulary and work through moss keys together. A walk down your street will never be the same!

    • 27 Feb 2017
    • 27 Mar 2017
    • 5 sessions
    • Natural History Society of Maryland - 6908 Belair Road - Baltimore, 21206

    Join us for a five-week workshop on "Maryland Mammals" and their ecology. Mammals are typically nocturnal and elusive, making it difficult for us to study them. This course will delve in to the diversity of mammals in our region covering identification and natural history as well as techniques of field study and conservation issues. This course includes a field trip to search for and interpret signs of mammal activity.

    Week 1 - Monday, February 27, 7-9pm: Introduction to Mammals - Explore what makes a mammal a mammal; mammal diversity around the world; and special adaptations possessed by local mammals.

    Week 2 - Monday, March 6, 7-9pm: Mammal Surveys and Signs - Learn about ways to find signs of local mammals from food caches to scat, tracks, dens, and more. This session will also explore simple survey techniques such as camera traps.


    Week 3 - Monday, March 13, 7-9pm: Common Mammals of the Baltimore region - Learn about local mammals including bats, deer, foxes, coyotes, and more.


    Week 4 - Saturday, March 18 - Field Trip: Visit to a local park to uncover mammal signs (Location and time to be announced later.)


    Week 5 - Monday, March 27, 7-9pm: Mammals, Cont’d - Learn about mammals outside of the Baltimore region including some rare species that call Maryland home. This session will also focus on common mammal diseases and will wrap up with conservation efforts.


    Teacher: Kerry Wixted

    Cost:  $144  - Pay online only at

    Textbook: Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species by Mark Elbroch; Peterson Field Guide to Mammals of North America by Fiona Reid

    Also Recommended: Animal Skulls: A Guide to North American Species by Mark Elbroch


    Bring (optional): Laptop computer or electronic notebook

    • 22 Mar 2017
    • 26 Apr 2017
    • 6 sessions
    • The Natural History Society of Maryland, 6908 Belair Road Baltimore, MD 21206

    Botany for Beginners - with Vanessa Beauchamp - Six Sessions

    Join us for a six session class on Botany for Beginners. No prior botanical or scientific knowledge is necessary to enjoy this course. We’ll start out by covering basic plant structure and function and discuss topics like plant growth and movement of materials like water and sugar. From there we’ll move to a survey of the plant kingdom and the evolutionary changes that have given us a diversity of plant types. We’ll finish up with an optional field trip to Rawlings Conservatory to get an up close look at some of the plants and adaptations we’ve studied. The course will combine lecture and hands-on workshop components to introduce you to the fascinating world of plants. 

    Week 1 – Wednesday, March 22, 7-9 pm: Plant Cells and Tissues – Learn about cell components that make plants unique from animals. We’ll cover the basic plant tissues and talk about how plants move sugar and water. Parenchyma, collenchyma and sclerenchyma, oh my!

    Week 2 – Wednesday, March 29, 7-9 pm: Stems, Roots and Leaves – Learn more about basic plant structure and explore some adaptations that help plants survive in challenging environments. 

    Week 3 – Wednesday, April 5, 7-9 pm. Growth Up and Out – If you put a nail in a tree trunk, where will that nail be in ten years? We’ll find out the answer and learn more about how plants grow. 

    Week 4 – Wednesday, April 12, 7-9 pm. Classification and Non-vascular Plants - We’ll talk about the major groups of plants and cover a bit of plant reproduction, with a focus on the non-vascular plants like mosses.

    Week 5 – Wednesday April 19, 7-9 pm. Spores and Seeds - Learn about how evolutionary advances gave us plants like ferns and pine trees. Don’t know what lycopodium, equisetum or psilotum are? You’ll find out here. 

    Week 6 – Wednesday, April 26, 7-9 pm. Flowers and Fruit – Strawberries and blackberries are not really berries, but tomatoes are. Intrigued? We’ll talk about flowers, pollination and the development and classification of different fruit types. Bring your favorite fruit to share!

    Optional field trip Saturday, May 6 – Rawlings Conservatory in Druid Hill Park. Suggested donation of $5 per person. Details forthcoming. 

    Instructor: Vanessa Beauchamp, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Towson University

    Cost:  $144  - Pay online only at

    Suggested resource: Botany for Dummies, by Rene Fester Kratz – The title is unfortunate but this is a good, inexpensive, beginner-level resource. It covers much more than we will be able to in our six-week session. 

Past events

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13 Oct 2016 October 13 Mushroom Walk
04 Oct 2016 Maryland's Geology - with Martin Schmidt - Six Sessions
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21 Sep 2016 WILD PLANT WORKSHOP SERIES: demonstrations for using wild plants for a variety of techniques and applications
20 Sep 2016 volunteer night
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17 Oct 2015 Basic Botanical Drawing with Mary Ellen Carsley
14 Oct 2015 History of Life Through Fossils
10 Oct 2015 Listening for Bats with Shannon Pederson
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26 Sep 2015 Maryland Fish - In the River with Stan Kemp
26 Sep 2015 Moss Workshop
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