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  • 18 Jun 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Natural History Society of MD


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CANCELLED: Due to the pandemic, we are cancelling all in-person programming. Stay tuned for future programming. Wishing you health!

An evening with underwater naturalist and river adventurer Keith Williams

River snorkeling provides a new way to experience discovery and adventure in our freshwater rivers, which contain some of the most stunning and fascinating life on the planet. They hold biological treasure hidden from view. That treasure may range from fish that make thousand mile spawning migrations to freshwater mussels who depend on fish as part of their reproductive cycle, so finely tuned female mussels create lures to attract the right species of fish.  The colors and beauty of some of our rivers rival coral reefs. Yet we are losing that treasure faster than we are losing biodiversity from any other ecosystem on the planet.

Underwater naturalist Keith Williams has spent the last 15 years exploring and documenting the life in freshwater rivers and streams. He has snorkeled with alligators in Florida springs, migrating salmon in Oregon rivers, giant shrimp in Latin America, and darters in Pennsylvania. He has snorkeled frozen Maine rivers in the middle of winter and world heritage sites in China. He shares the life he has seen, and the adventures he has experienced, in this engaging, entertaining presentation. Copies of his latest book Snorkeling Rivers and Streams an Aquatic Guide to Underwater Discovery and Adventure will be available for purchase and signing.

Free event for NHSM members. Join today then join us for an evening which includes light refreshments, time to mix and mingle with fellow naturalists and an incredible presentation. 

Keith Williams is the founding director of education and is the current executive director at NorthBay, one of the largest outdoor education programs in the U.S. He has developed river snorkeling-based science curriculum, and established river snorkeling programs for non-profits and the U.S. Forest Service. Keith has led thousands of people on river snorkeling adventures. His first book on river snorkeling, Snorkelhead: Adventures in Creek Snorkeling, was published in June 2016. His second book on river snorkeling is due to be published by Stackpole in 2020.

The Natural History Society of Maryland is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and contributions are tax-deductible.

The mission of the Natural History Society of Maryland is to foster stewardship of Maryland’s natural heritage by conserving its natural history collections, educating its citizenry, and inspiring its youth to pursue careers in the natural sciences.

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