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Herping the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas

  • 14 Apr 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Online via Zoom


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The Trans-Pecos region of Texas can be described as the desert portion of Texas. This region, west of the Pecos River bounded by the Rio Grande on the south and west, is characterized by mountains, desert valleys, sand hills, rough plateaus, and desert brush land.

Last summer, NHSM Herp Club member, Russ Rozell went herping in the Trans-Pecos. His presentation will feature a lot of rattlesnakes, other herps as well as other faunal unique to that area. Russ will also talks about laws and conservation efforts in west Texas.

Russ is originally from Texas who got into herps as a kid, but recently got back into it after walking up on several Eastern Rat snakes (Pantherophis Alleghaniensis) in AA county. He has been actively herping for a little less than 3 years here in Maryland. He is an accomplished photographer which drives his herping activities. Russ also  has 8 snakes that he is raising from neonates: Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttatus), Rat snakes (Pantherophis Alleghaniensis and Bogertophis subocularis) and King snakes (Lampropeltis getula).

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